We seek to build relationships that create opportunity to work together on topics most significant to our business and on which we can make a meaningful impact in the lives of our patients and each other.

About Us


Elsie has been helping with patients at The Speech Path for 4 years.

She is a great addition to our therapy team! 

The Speech Path LLC first opened its doors on September 1, 2005 in Perry, GA offering Speech Therapy. Realizing the need for expanded services, we began offering Pediatric Occupational Therapy in 2010. These much needed services allow for multidisciplinary approach that provided a broader scope of service and a full family approach as we seek to treat the whole patient. In 2017, we began to explore other ways to creatively address the growing need for pediatric therapy and early intervention in our community and surrounding areas. That began our launch into the digital world with the creation of our Reach program. This is the arm of The Speech Path that helps school systems in rural parts of our state by matching them with the most appropriate teletherapist. This program has seen annual growth since our very first year! We are friendly, innovative, excited about what we do and who we serve.  How can we help you?

Meet Elsie!

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